The Events of 2003!

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Wow! what a year! Check out all of our amazing events below, month by month.


The new year began with the opening of our beautiful new space in Burbank. We took a dilapidated alley way and a dirty office space and turned them into "The Performing Arts Courtyard." We designed the interior of our space to look like the inside of a tudor home. Company members worked hard cleaning, painting, and refurbishing this space, but with all the free pizza, we had a great time. During January and February, company members also worked very hard to spruce up our little space for our grand opening ceremony on March 1st. We painted three murals and really enhanced the beauty of our little courtyard.
Later on in January, we rehearsed our production of Julius Caesar.


In February, we performed Julius Caesar for Burbank High Schools, including Burroughs High School, Monterey High School, and Burbank High School (Click here for photos of this production)


On March Ist, we held our official ribbon cutting ceremony for our Shakespeare At Play space in Burbank. There was a swordplay demonstration, A ballet performed by Media Center Dance, a performance of Romeo and Juliet by the Shakespeare at Play Company (see pic at the bottom of this page), and a performance of Romeo and Juliet by children which was first done as part of our after school program in October. We had a very nice ribbon cutting ceremony which was attended by Los Angeles County Supervisor Michael J. Antonovich—Fifth District, who presented us with a certificate of congratulations from Los Angeles County, and California State Assemblyman Dario Frommer, who also presented us with a certificate of congratulations for our ribbon cutting ceremony. Shakespeare at Play finally had a home!!!


In April, We performed A Midsummer Nights Dream for Sherman Oaks Magnet School and the Burbank Public Library.


In May, we performed A Midsummer Nights Dream for the Lilac Festival in Pine Mountain, CA
We also performed Hamlet for Burbank schools, including Burroghs, Burbank and Monterey High Schools.
We had a booth promoting Shakespeare at Play at the St. Francis Xavier School in Burbank


We held a very successful Murder Mystery fund raiser at the Castaway Restaurant in Burbank.
Later on in June, Debbie Gates and Jim Schendel were interviewed about Shakespeare at Play for KPFK Pacifica radio, 90,7 FM
We had a booth at the Burbank Community Block Party on Saturday, June 21st. We performed a sword play demonstration and also a scene from The Taming of the Shrew.


In July, we made preparations for our Summer Musical Theatre workshop, and rehearsed our production of Romeo and Juliet for the Starlight Bowl in Burbank.
In late July, Jim Schendel performed his One-Man Show entitled A Visit with Shakespeare for a Burbank Summer School Program.


In August, we held our Midsummer Musical Theatre Workshop. 24 kids participated. We managed to combine Musical Theatre and Shakespeare to teach the kids different styles of theatre. Our workshop was Monday - Friday, 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM. The kids had one hour of singing lessons (care of Nancy Daley, professional singing coach) then one hour of dance, taught by Natasha Richardson of Media Dance center. Then. the kids studied acting with Jim Schendel of Shakespeare at Play. We ended up doing three performances of our show, called A Midsummer Musical Theatre Workshop. The kids did over 20 Musical Theatre numbers and three Shakespearean scenes.
Also, on August 10th, we performed our version of A Midsummer Nights Dream at Stough Park, just in front of the Starlight bowl in Burbank. In addition to the show, there were strolling minstrels, jugglers and sword fight demonstrations. A real festival atmosphere prevailed. People could see a Shakespearean play, then continue on to hear the Burbank Philharmonic. In 2004, we hope to hold a weekend Shakespeare Festival with a full production of a Shakespeare Play.


In September, we held a poetry reading contest as a fundraiser for Shakespeare at Play. A panel of published writers chose first place, second place, and third place poems from the dozens of submissions we received. We held a poetry reading night on September 7th, where Shakespeare at Play actors read all the poems to an appreciative audience. Fortunately, the winning poet, Joseph T. Lopez, was a Southern California resident, and was able to attend the evening and read his poem, entitled Brothers.
In September through December, Acting Classes were taught at Shakespeare at Play by Ruben Morena and Carol Potter. For more information please check our Classes page.

October & November

During October, and November we sponsored a free after school program for kids ranging in age from 5 to 12. Stage Combat classes were taught by Louis Roth, who is the Shakespeare at Play fight choreographer, Shakespearean acting classes were taught by Jeffrey Paul Whitman, a Shakespeare at Play company member, drawing was taught by another company member, Jim Schendel, and dancing was taught by Natasha Richardson of Media Dance Center.


On December 5th, the kids in the after school program did a show for their parents of all the things they had learned. The kids did a short ballet number, then a stage combat demonstration, a recitation of the "To Be or Not to Be" speech from Hamlet. To show their art skills, the kids painted the backdrop for the show. The backdrop was a painting of the "To Be or Not to Be" scene from Hamlet.
Later on in December, we performed Romeo and Juliet for Monterey High School., Burroughs High School., and Burbank High School.
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