The Events of 2004!

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Renovations began the 2004 spring seasons as Shakespeare at Play welcomed visitors John Ross Clarke and The Picture Show.  They added sound dampening curtains to the place which made it more versatile for their classes in motion picture acting, scheduled for Tuesday eves and week days.

Ruben Moreno continued his ongoing acting classes Thursday nights and Saturday mornings.

Julius Caesar wowed them again as they performed for Burbank High Schools Mar 9-10 and Mar 29-30

The classic and staple of S@P, Romeo and Juliet performed for Burbank Schools April 20, 28-30. Our Romeo, Bill Mendieta was shooting a movie (yay Bill!) so we took Bill’s reccommendation and hired Mike Kirby as his replacement for this run. We must thank both Bill and Mike

Also in April, S@P hosted many programs in conjunction with the Methodfest which screened films at the AMC theaters in Burbank.  As a part of our participation, Shakespeare at Play, in conjuction with the Cusumano Realty Group, sponsored a Future Filmakers Screenwriting Competition for the Methodfest, The two winning student screenplays were produced as a part of their award. They were shot at Sherman Oaks Center for Enriched Studies over a period of  two days by SAP’s own resident cinematographer/directors Carol Jones and Tony Potter, edited by our own Gary Lamb (who supervised the student editors) and premiered at the MethodFest to a packed house at the awards dinner! The Picture Show generously donated the use of their cameras for the productions.

In what we hope will be just a beginning, Romeo and Juliet performed for four LAUSD Schools in May to rave reviews by students and faculty alike.

Hamlet performed June 7, 8, 9 for Burbank Schools. The classic tragic story once again touched the minds and hearts of our audiences.

We were honored to perform our “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” as a part of a fundraiser at the Cristo Rae Lutheran Church.  It was a beautiful courtyard setting with flowers and vines framing their outdoor stage. MSND was the perfect choice.

Visiting Shakespeare”, our new one-man show/teaching experience starring Jim Schendel premiered in August at The Little Red Barn in Burbank as a summer enrichment program.  It was such a big success that the program has been expanded to twelve performances (so far) in 2005!

S@P had it’s first-ever Poetry Contest and reading in September.  The winning submissions were read aloud by S@P actors in the Burbank Arts Courtyard and the Awards Ceremony followed. Music, food and drink added to the festive atmosphere.

The season ended in November when S@P had its inaugural performance at The Colony, a beautiful theater in Burbank—“The Taming of the Shrew”, directed by our which turned out to be a star-studded fund-raising event. We’d like to give many thanks to David Hasselhof, who was so generous in his praise of the show and all of the performers.  S@P thanks  special guest artists Alex Daniels and Gary Morgan and all of the S@P actors who generously donated their time for this event.

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