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ROMEO AND JULIET performed at John Burroughs High School. January also brought a new roommate to the S@P space in the form of  The Bern Agency. Andre Murray, our photographer extraordinaire, has taken up residence at the space. Look for his work throughout the S@P website. Welcome! PICTURES
R & J  at Burbank High School, understudy Mario Perez
1 R & J  at Burbank High School, understudy Mario Perez
January and February were full of understudy rehearsals for “Romeo and Juliet”(our Mercutio, Lamont Thompson,  got a job on one of the CSI spinoffs, congrats Lamont! And then Ken Lally got a commercial shooting in Japan, congrats to Ken).
R & J  performs at Windward School in Santa Monica.  Windward is a private arts school and reports have it that we were the best visiting performers they have ever had! Kudos!

The VISITING DIRECTOR Program began with “Twelfth Night” Luther Burbank Middle School preparations

3, 17,31

HUNTINGTON PROJECT. The Guild of St. George (A 501c3 organization) started CHARACTER WORKSHOPS. Extremely knowledgable members of this historic re-creation group taught members of S@P about the realities of English class society, ancient English speech and conventions and important persons in Shakespeare’s time.  All this was in preparation for our date at the Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens April 24th, in honor of Shakespeare’s Birthday.  Those who attended were tremendously impressed with the depth of knowledge that our teachers demonstrated regarding the times and very grateful for the opportunity to learn more about our favorite Bard!


VISITING SHAKESPEARE. Jim Schendel performed “Visiting Shakespeare” for  Wonderland Elementary School in Los Angeles (See “Visiting Shakespeare” Schedule for more details on this fabulous new program that S@P has to offer for Elementary-Age students! This visit sponsored by The Lark Ellen Foundation. March 10th – “Visiting Shakespeare” at McKinley Elementary School in Burbank, funded by The Burbank Community Fund. March 16th – “Visiting Shakespeare” at Bridge Street School in L.A. Funded by The Lark Ellen Foundation. March 17th – “Visiting Shakespeare” at Washington Elementary in Burbank, March 22nd & 23rd at Miller Elementary in Burbank, sponsored by The Burbank Community Fund. PICTURES

14,15 JULIUS CAESAR killed them again at Burbank High School. Hail Caesar!
VISITING DIRECTOR PROGRAM. Gary Lamb and his wife Joanne McGee-Lamb were brought in by Shakespeare At Play to Luther Burbank Middle School to help Ms. Souter's 6th grade class with their production of Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night."  Gary edited the script, gave blocking/movement for the young actors and worked with them on voice and character.  Joanne added her support on several visits to help with costumes, props, set dressing and to aid in character development.  The students worked with the professionals for approximately 2 and half hours a day for 6 total days over a 4 week period culminating in a 3 performance day.  The students invited their parents as well as other classes in their school.  The students were in charge of creating the set, costumes, publicity and props.  One student played the violin to accompany the performance.  As Gary stressed many times during the adventure, the most important thing to remember is, "have fun!"  Although, the students showed signs of nervousness they all performed well and definitely HAD FUN! PICTURES

THE HUNTINGTON PROJECT All of the rehearsals, all of the hard work, fabulous costumes by Jeffrey Schoenberg, work by Ring Master (director) Tally Briggs, climaxed in an incredible, beautiful set of TEN scenes of Shakespeare’s works placed in different locations at the Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens. The Guild of St. George played nobles of the times auditioning us for a resident theatrical company.  I’m afraid their precious time was taken up mostly by questions from our audiences. We were treated beautifully! Many thanks to our hosts Michael Fritzen, his right hand, Hanna Palmer and all of the wonderful people at the Huntington who were so gracious and lovely to us!   The venue was SO beautiful, the weather was perfect, the audience was receptive and appreciative. These people really know what Shakespeare is about, and loved our performances. PICTURES

JULIUS CAESAR completed it’s spring 2005 season at JBHS
HAMLET at Burbank High – the Great Dane Rocked again.
HUNTINGTON PROJECT Post Performance Evaluation (what worked, what didn’t) at The Potter Pad. Good food, lots of great suggestions! It was noted that in addition to being one of the most well-attended events in recent Huntington history, this event generated many more new Memberships for the Library, yay us!  All agreed that the event was successful on many levels with room for improvement on others. Many thanks to Tommy and Tally for DVD copies of our performances. Donations to offset their costs are still being accepted. Tommy, who digivideoed every single scene, went out of his way to tell the group that he was thoroughly entertained, and went back to see some of the scenes for pure enjoyment

GARAGE SALE. The first annual Shakespeare at Play Garage Sale. Bring your sale items to Debbie’s house! Hurry Hurry!

CLASSES – Ruben Moreno continues his classes (ONGOING) with an emphasis on acting for television and film. 
AUDITIONS. Our first ever open call for new members.  We anticipate duplicate casts of the standards and new plays (Scottish, 12th, Richard) being added. We need new blood!
11-15 IINTERNATIONAL ART EXPERIENCE. The City of Burbank Parks and Recreation engaged us to provide an International Art Experience for artists aged 6-11. European Week was July 12-14 and the week culminated with Mr. Schendel's one man Shakespeare show on Friday, July 15 at 11:30. As usual, Shakespeare was quite a hit! Other artistic and theatrical experiences included African, Asian and All American.
7,14 TWELFTH NIGHT AND MERRY WIVES. August 7th we began the two weekends of our first-ever Burbank Shakespeare Festival in Lincoln Park. The first offering was the romantic comedy of mistaken identity, Twelfth Night. The show was surprisingly well-attended with standing room only on the hillside for the incredible sword-fighting, comedy Shakespearean juggling, an educational presentation by The Guild of St. George and the piece de resistance, the play! The audience laughed and gasped and enjoyed themselves thoroughly! Popcorn and water sales were brisk at the information table. Afterwards, Debbie hosted a barbecue where we were regaled with fabulous cuisine courtesy our chef, Joel Surratt! August 14th, The Merry Wives of Windsor achieved a different kind of excitement with more swordplay, more juggling and this time, singing by the Guild of St. George! A fast-paced laugh-packed show followed and the on-site reviews were stunning. Debbie was so busy giving out information; she couldn’t get in on the cast photo! Our hearty congratulations and thanks to all of the Burbank Shakespeare Festival participants.

August 20th was Malibu Midsummer, a fund-raising event for the Blind Childrens Fund hosted by the L.A. Chapter of The Lions Club, Dr. Marwah, whose home we invaded and our favorite executive producer lion, Mr. Dick Radl. There was a beautiful mansion-venue, delicious Indian food, a breath-taking view, a wonderful green room/guest house (“bigger than my home!”), incredible hospitality, sensational singing by The Guild, wacky hippy-stick juggling hijinx by Zad Potter, more apple juggling by Jeem, sword play by Mario Perez, Larry Leong and company and then, our own version of A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM. And a fabulous time was had by all!!!

We are seeking: Company Members all ages (no dues). Auditions September 10, 12:15 - 5:00PM. Please prepare two classical monologues, one comedy, one tragedy three minutes (prox) each. There will be a short interview. Address: 341 E. Palm, Burbank, CA 91502. Located across from the Media Center Dance in the Theatre Arts Courtyard. For more information about what we do...see the rest of this website!
16 PLEASE NOTE THE DATE FOR MURDER AT THE CASTAWAYS HAS CHANGED TO SEPTEMBER 16!! This is our second Murder Mystery Fundraiser. Appetizers at 6:00, Music, Silent auction, Dinner at 7:00 followed by Murder!!!! Fun and Surprises! Raffles all night long, 8:30 is the announcement of the winners of the silent auction. For directions:

Shakespeare at Play presented our second annual Poetry Reading evening. The poems were the entries in our poetry contest. Shakespare at Play actors read all the poems to the attentive audience, with veteran as well as new actors doing the reading. We received 44 poems from such far away places as India, England and New Zealand. But, as fate would have it, all three winners were from the good ole' USA. First place went to Evan Roseman for his poem "Dreams" Click here to check out last year's winner and CLICK HERE TO SEE THIS YEARS WINNER.

Jeff Schoenberg (SAP costumer and Guild of Saint George founder) and his band of wordy wizards presented an evening of scary stories and poetry from Edgar Allen Poe and Edward Gorey. This was a final dress rehearsal for their performance at the Huntington Library on Oct 22. It was quite the eerie event with the evening sky, sometimes foggy, sometimes filled with lightning (but only the lightest of sprinkles, thank goodness) and the courtyard transformed into a regular spookville with red lights and skeletons and torches burning brightly. Between the set pieces by our resident artist Jim Schendel featuring Edward Gorey's own wonderful pen and ink drawings, candle and torch light and, of course the agonizingly exquisite words of the stars of the evening, Edward Gorey and Edgar Allen Poe, the evening was a spooky nightmare. Many thanks to the wonderful performers and the set up and take-down crew. Next years' Halloween performance will be even bigger and more haunting!
October 18th - "Visiting Shakespeare" began it's new season with a performance at Edison Elementary School, thanks to The Burbank Community Foundation and Mr. Ernest Burger. Congratulations Mr. Shakespeare and thanks to BCF and Mr. Burger! 
Company-wide meeting to plan for The Colony Project. It was decided that the core group would continue with specifics as soon as the first meetings with schools we held.
Meetings with schools regarding planning of dates for staff development, workshops and Colony field trips. More meetings to come.
Colony project planning continues.
28, 29, 30 Burbank Schools are once again treated to performances of our own Romeo and Juliet! Romance! Danger! And a Q & A afterwards! This performance is supported, in part, by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors through the Los Angeles County Arts Commission
1, 2
More planned performances of Romeo and Juliet at Burbank Schools. This performance is supported, in part, by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors through the Los Angeles County Arts Commission
A NIGHT IN ELSINORE. Sunday Night Reading of “A Night In Elsinore”.7:00 PM at the Shakespeare at Play space.  Richard Nathan himself made it to the performance! We were so very pleased and honored to have him! Media City Ballet provided a larger audience area; we had our own percussion section as well as funny noises and a comic soundtrack. Afterwards we had wine, cheese, dessert and a lovely time was had by all. Mr. Nathan was visibly happy and we couldn't be prouder!
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2005 Visiting Shakespeare School Schedule
Date School City Sponsor
3/9 Wonderland Elementary L.A. Lark Ellen Foundation
3/10 McKinley Elementary Burbank The Burbank Community Fund
3/16 Bridge Street School L.A. Lark Ellen Foundation
3/17 Washington Elementary Burbank The Burbank Community Fund
3/22 Miller Elementary Burbank The Burbank Community Fund
3/23 Miller Elementary Burbank The Burbank Community Fund
4/5 Trinity Street Elementary L.A. Lark Ellen Foundation
4/13 Castelar Elementary L.A. Lark Ellen Foundation
4/21 Robert Hill Elementary L.A. Lark Ellen Foundation
4/22 Evergreen Elementary L.A. Lark Ellen Foundation
5/4 Esperanza Elementary L.A. Lark Ellen Foundation
5/23 Mount Washington Elementary L.A. Lark Ellen Foundation
10/15 Edison Elementary Burbank Mr. Ernest Berger & BCF